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Welcome to my blog. My motto since I was a young girl was "Always Believe". I hope to use my blog as a way to promote strength and belief in self. You deserve the best because we have only One Body and One Life 

New Year - New You

New Year - New You

It’s January and the New Year has officially begun…. I have been speaking to a lot of clients about setting and achieving their goals in 2017. Resolutions are very common as we enter a fresh year. Unfortunately, many times success is not realized. What will be different this year? How are you going to better yourself? Many times, the reason success is not realized is that people make extreme lifestyle changes that are not sustainable. What if your goal was to make one healthy lifestyle change per month? What if your goal was not a weightless number but rather to be active for 30 minutes, 5 days per week? Suddenly your goals are within reach. 

We can learn from our mistakes but first we must take the time to look back on what those mistakes were and to listen. Did you start last year with extreme dietary changes, a new gym membership, a commitment to stop drinking but then life got in the way? 

What is stopping you from achieving GREATNESS?

I swam my whole life and went on the accomplish Olympic glory. I was not the tallest, I was not always the fastest and I, like everyone else, had bad days. When I wanted to improve, I did not just say "I want to be faster". I looked at where I was slow. I consulted my coach and we developed a plan to not only work on my weaknesses but also take advantages of what I did well. I was good at holding a pace but trained for endurance. My lap times were consistent and the last couple of lengths, I could turn up the speed better than most of my competition. I took advantage of that. I had weaknesses though, I worked for a more efficient stroke. I worked to have better timing on my flip turns. I needed to learn to kick more in my race

I challenge you to set a goal for yourself but ease into it, do not make a full lifestyle change out of the start. Remember this is a pace and we will finish strong. Take advantage of what you do well. Are you a good cook? Use that to bring life to a healthy diet. Are you good at prioritizing and multi-tasking in your professional life? Bring that to setting your workout schedule. Get with a coach to talk through your goals and set a plan to achieve. Set a regular meeting with yourself, on your phone and check in with that goal. If you did not see the success you wanted, understand why and adjust.

2017 is YOUR year. Always Believe!



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